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Prospect Park featuring: “Black Swan”

March 2011 | Have you heard of this movie called “Black Swan” and the excitement revolving around it? Well, i recently went to Prospect Park Zoo with my family. Let’s face it: we were all a bit disappointed by the scarcity of animals to see. It actually reminded me of the Zoo in Kleve, the city where I grew up. Pretty much the same except that in the “Klever Tiergarten”, that’s what it’s called, you can actually pet a fair portion of the animals which according to my daughter upgrades the experience in major ways.

To be fair, I’d like to recognize the outstanding performance of the couple of North American river otters which were already in spring mood and managed to convey this in a very convincing and natural way. The sea lions certainly also offered a solid albeit less natural performance, while the porcupine and the red panda were relying too much on their looks and – lazy as they were – provided little else to be admired.

Black Swan | Prospect Park 2011

Be it as it may, this scarce environment unexpectedly offered an object of great fascination to us, initially to my daughter and then increasingly to me: a black swan.

I admittedly did not yet see the movie “Black Swan” since we lately don’t manage to go to the movies. I certainly could go alone, but i am of the type that simply does not enjoy watching movies alone. And unfortunately “Black Swan” is not yet OnDemand nor is it on Nexflix. Fortunately, a friend recently found it torrenting around in the internet and promised to pass it along to us; so there is good hope that we’ll end up seeing it soon.

So i was standing in the Prospect Park Zoo amidst its relative scarcity of animals and saw my daughter getting seriously excited watching the black swan while the latter was observing her with proud if not arrogant demeanor. In fact, there was nothing beautifully tragic about the black swan. It was just that its posture and amazing combination of black and red was totally impressive to both Paula and me. Is there any further proof needed that an individual can make a difference? That black swan pulled it.

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