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Lexington Mural

We saw the mural for the first time in August 2011 during our weekend walk to a coffee bar in the neighborhood.

Kind of a plywood construction site fence on the corner of Lexington and Classon, covered with a mixture of not yet finished graffiti, pop-art, cartoon, and African heritage paintings … intriguing.

“Ghetto Metal” is written into each of the different paintings. Asking a person who stands nearby and looks knowledgeable, it turns out that it announces the annual Ghetto Metal concert and block party.

One afternoon, a couple of weekends later and by chance, I saw one of the artists doing the last touches on his painting.

Since then, the mural became kind of a colorful landmark to us, occasion for numerous discussions between us about which of the paintings we like best, what the different figures are up to, and whether we’d like such a painting also on our rooftop walls.

It is only recently, while trying to find the names of the artist again while looking through the photos i took that afternoon, that I find an interview with Alexander Gruss who conceived the mural:

“This is a changing neighborhood and there is a lot of creativity around here. I wanted to translate that creativity into something visible, and create a dialogue between the old school people and the new people in the neighborhood. I saw an opportunity in a plywood wall that surrounds a construction site in front of my house. We got a permit from the owner of the property and got to work. The mural was made in commemoration of the annual Ghetto Metal Block Party on Lexington Avenue.”

I hope the constructions will go on and that the mural stays for much longer. Would be a shame for the neighborhood to loose it.


Promo video for the Ghetto Metal Block Party on August 27, 2011:

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